Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cockfighting, a big NO!

Cockfighting, one popular game almost worldwide, why do we do it? Ask yourself, is it really something I want to do?

Cockfighting is not a game, in a game no one should die for real, even animals. someone who does cockfighting is worse than an animal if you ask me, why you ask? because killing these creatures for fun and entertainment isn't good, let's put it this way, you be the cock and the cocks make you fight, how would you feel?

Remember, cockfighting is not something people should do, it's the work of

Photo Courtesy of: The Humane Society of The United States


the donG said...

i agree. animals are also living beings.

Save "our" Earth said...

yes that is right!

joey said...

They want to fight. they are not trained to fight. the only training they recieve is to increase their strenght and condition. Dont condem those who raise and developed the animals less you know what the sport is about.

Save "our" Earth said...

They want to fight, that by itself is a strong fact BUT they don't to these kinds of stuff in the wild as much as they do in captivity. Cock-fighters are keeping them in arenas so that they could identify these areas as their territories and probably fight for this said space.