Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Frontier

We once again welcomed the New Year with a BANG. Oh, I wonder what kind of BANG this is. Fireworks here and there, smoke EVERYWHERE.

We are all united in this celebration of the coming of the year 2011, but again we begin a year with a chain of polluting firecrackers and the likes. I wonder how happy you would be once you realize that these beautiful lights in the sky have a devastating side effect to our beautiful environment. What do we really get from such anyway? Enjoyment? Amusement? For what? This might seem very trivial to you who does this annually but have you ever thought how many percent of the global population do this annually? Add that up and you'll see that your simple gathering backed up by that brilliant play of lights in the sky is actually contributing to the change in the environment. Think about it.

This occasion may only happen annually, once a year you may say...but like I said, it's that once a year that we start with a BANG. You'll never know when it might actually end with a BANG.